Recently, I needed to investigate an fMRI research[1] and data which is collected from people who are reading a Harry Potter chapter. The words are shown to people one by one by blurring other words around. The work has demonstrated that, given hardcoded language features and visual features of two words, one can distinguish which word the reader reads at a time by looking fMRI data.

The first day I started to investigate this data, I was lucky enough to be in Julia Lab at MIT. I got Simon Danisch’s, who has written awesome Makie.jl plotting package, example script to visualize another 3D stream data. It took 30 minutes to edit this example code and visualize my fMRI data without any external processing tool. So, please remix my code on nextjournal article to have fun!

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[1] Wehbe, Leila, et al. “Simultaneously uncovering the patterns of brain regions involved in different story reading subprocesses.” PloS one 9.11 (2014)